Technical help

Software startup

For each browser, you just need to go to Start DistillFlow and click on the button. The behavior may be different depending on the browser and the java version installed on your computer. If you suspect a Java problem, please see the section Java version.


Firefox 3.x

You just need to accept the certificate and then the software will start.

Internet Explorer 8

A second window is open, and IE informs you (using a yellow bar) that it has stopped a download. Please click on the yellow bar and click on "download the file". Now you just need to accept the certificate and the software will start.

Google Chrome

A file will be downloaded, such as 42.jnlp. Please click on the file to open it, accept the certificate and the software will start.

Safari 4

In its default configuration, Safari will ask you to save or open a file such as *.jnlp, please click on open. Then it will ask you a second time if you want to start it, please accept. Finally, please accept the certificate, and the software will start.

java version

DistillFlow uses the Java version 6. This version was launched in 2006 and you probably have an equivalent version on your computer. If you don't have java, or if you are not sure to have the right version installed, please go to this page of the official Java website to check it (if not, it will allow you to install it).

If you have installed the java and still have a problem with running DistillFlow. Please check the security level in the Java Control Panel and try to change the security of java to a lower level (Click here for more information). For windows 7: "click control panel -> java -> security" to change the security level.

Web browser

DistillFlow uses a recent technology, the Java WebStart, therefore we strongly recommend you to use a recent browser. Any of the 4 browsers below would work perfectly.


  Firefox 3.x Internet Explorer 8 Safari Google Chrome